By adhering to these care instructions, you'll be able to enjoy the timeless elegance of your luxury jewelry for years to come.


**Avoid Contact with Perfumes**: Prolonged exposure to perfume can tarnish and damage the delicate materials of your jewelry. It is recommended to remove your pieces before applying fragrances.

**Proper Storage**: Store your jewelry in its dedicated case when not being worn. This prevents dust, scratches, and potential tangling with other pieces. Keeping them in a dry and cool environment will help maintain their original beauty.

**Layering Considerations**: If you choose to layer multiple pieces together, ensure there is sufficient spacing between them. This prevents the pieces from coming into direct contact, which could otherwise cause scratching and damage to their surfaces. In the case of any Tu Es Partout jewelry, any contact between the enamel surface of the eye and other metals or stones will irreversibly scratch it, necessitating the replacement of the enamel, as it cannot be repaired.