Lito's atelier is in the heart of Athens, Greece, where she closely works with her team of carefully selected master craftswomen and craftsmen from the point of inception to final production. Paying meticulous attention to detail, Lito's jewelry is completely handcrafted with each collection assigned a master craftsman that ensures expert quality control.


Cabinet of Curiosities, Lito's flagship store, is a quaint conglomeration of energies, aesthetics and the perfect hideaway from the fast constantly refreshing, quick pace of Athenian City life. Located at 25 Irodotou Street in Kolonaki, Athens, Cabinet of Curiosities is where one can enter the magical world of Lito and get a taste of the Artists constant flow of inspiration, travel end exploration.

This tiny shop, a few steps beneath street level, becomes a magnificent hideaway of total zen and positive energy, a canvas perfectly selected to display Lito's cosmos. The Timeless simplicity of the perfectly Greek Lito epigraph drawing its shadow on the flawless marble, flowing like the shadow of a sundial, is an invitation into this miniature, grand jewelry viewing experience.