Introducing Lito's exclusive Naturalia Collection, a fusion of nature's ebb and flow with a dash of Mediterranean lore. Each piece, is a unique testament to the brand's creative prowess. Crafted with baroque Tahitian pearls sourced from the South Pacific, these jewels redefine the conventional perception of pearls. Embracing a raw, edgy allure, the collection imbues pearls with a Rock & Roll spirit while maintaining an unmistakable elegance and sensuality. Explore Lito’s captivating blend of nature, mythology and expert craftsmanship. 



Paris 1925

A Collection that drops you in the midst of the Roaring 20's and explores Lito's natural gravitation towards an Art Deco aesthetic.

Sleek geometric forms, symmetry and the gleam of 18 karat gold, flirting with diamonds, rubied and semi precious stones to a jazzy Charleston soundtrack.

Bold, statement pieces provide the backbone of this instant classic collection with Lito's meticulous attention to details and master craftsmanship elevating 1925 to exquisite levels of adornment.




"I DO"

Exrpess your commitment with a collection as unique as your love. Exprertly crafted diamond engagement rings and jewelry for women, and jewelry for men, that express your love in the upmost harmony and elegance. Handmade with the most premium and responsibly sourced materials, sized to fit and made with a "whola lotta love", Lito's Fine Jewelry "I DO" collection, is a testament to the finest quality control entwined with the exprertise of timeless classic Jewelry creations with the additional Lito twist.




Tu Es Partout

Ward off evil and stay protected with Lito’s all seeing amulet.

In Mediterranean culture, the eye charm has been used for centuries, while this protective eye appears in West Asia and Jewish rabbinic literature on several occasions.

Lito’s evil eye bracelets, necklaces and unique earrings, take their own path as an apotropaic talisman, achieving inner balance and retaining centered life values.

Each piece is individually hand painted, in a variety of colors, by Michael, a Russian iconographer, in a small village outside Moscow, enameled, encased in gold and then adorned with precious stones.

Michael’s fine detailing gives the amulet a hyperreal quality, the eye seems to consistently follow you, and makes each piece one of a kind.


Il paradiso

A collection that exists somewhere between the ether, the earth, the sea and eternity.

Lito’s Il Paradiso is a playful wink at Art Deco, an evaluative look at the nostalgia of charms and a deconstruction of symmetry and historic symbolism.

Made of 14 and 18k yellow gold, combined with rose-cut sapphires, diamonds, chrysoprase, moonstones, coral and chalcedony stones, Lito offers us a peek into her own paradise.

Drawing inspiration from sacred ancient symbols and creatures, Il Paradiso transcends their energy, light and protection into a modern day elevated state of elegance, and a companion in recreation, inspiration and light.

Moonstone, Chalcedony and brilliant cut diamonds adorn the gold pathways of Lito’s rings, earrings, necklaces and unique bracelets.

La Bouche

A collection of Luscious lips set in gold that rest on the chest like a soft sensual kiss.

A plush variety of magical colors to choose from make the La Bouche collection ideal for collecting or simply choose the one that most suits your spirit. 

La Bouche whispers twisted nouveau with an addictive Pop of colors that speak lust from the first light to the twilight.

With this collection Lito experiments with her playful side creating pieces that are adorned casually or formally adding a whimsical spice to elegance.




A collaboration with Muse that brings forth the #HAVEAHEART collection.

Lito’s signature enamel eyes and mother of pearl scarabs are elegantly crafted into playful heart shaped charms that radiantly shed light, surrounded by white brilliant cut diamonds, intricately and beautifully placed on gold. 

Playful, elegant and ultra modern, Lito’s scarabs flirt with Egyptian sun god Bennu while the Mediterranean talisman tradition of evil eyes offers protection.

An ode to love, luxury charms that ooze love into your life and act as a constant reminder of its ultimate and supreme power.


Lito ♡ racil

A collaboration between friends, Lito and Racil join energies to offer you a collection meant to submerge you in love and protection.

Lito redesigns her signature eye in a beautiful rose color with a hidden message of love carefully placed on the back of each piece of the collaboration, celebrating the bond between friends, mutual respect and inspiration.

Elegant and playful necklaces, rings, earrings and a bracelet offer the ultimate protection in these yellow gold talismans, highlighted by luxurious brilliant cut diamonds and created with a whole lot of love and meticulous attention to every tiny detail.



A world of infinite shapes and infinite possibilities.

Lito’s Infinite Collection is a play between positive and negative space and a wink at primal, primitive, pristine and futuristic aesthetics.

The perfectly understated adornment for the modern day warrior and tribeswoman. 

Pink and yellow gold beautifully accent the natural flow of the body while diamonds, cut fiercely into the minimal geometric rings, bracelets and gold earrings.

The Infinite collection is crafted with a hint of mosaic-type detailing appearing in a pavé setting or the distinctive opal stone making a subtle appearance, adding a playful dialogue between precious metal, skin and stone, achieving an elegant flow of energy and harmony.



The intricate meditative flow within the hexagonal prismatic cells of bee hives is what excited Lito’s imagination as a child, becoming the inspiration to one of her most enigmatic collections.

Majestic diamonds juxtaposed against the body in intricate gold lace patterns, sensually caress the skin in a hovering lightness.

The Hive Collection’s bracelet, rings for women and earrings are discreet yet ultimately luxurious.

Lace forms, create a hive environment for the meticulously placed diamonds that symbolize the intricate existence of women, interwoven with undertones of strength, resilience and glory of all queen bees. The epidermis becomes a playground of dancing light sparkling through the Diamond necklaces, dispersing it into the pores and back into the atmosphere with a different cadence, day or night.



Treasure box

Lito embraces the early stages of femininity when her mother’s jewelry box shined new light on curiosity and play.

A carefully selected blend of one off pieces and unique engagement rings that celebrate female individuality.

Lito deconstructs the bourgeois notion of diamonds and sapphires and the bohemian adornment of semiprecious stone jewelry, creating a brilliant assortment of color, artistry and craft dexterity.

A box full of 18k pink or yellow gold, combining precious and semiprecious stones alongside rubies, diamonds and sapphires resting in symbiotic harmony.

A flash of light here and a sparkle of color there, shape the minimal complexity of female form as the sporadic “inside out” twist of the stones accent her intricate, gentle soul.


Diving into the vast mysteries of the oceans, Animalia pays tribute to the mythical sea creatures of past, present and future, daring juxtapose Lito’s figurative interpretations onto skin.

Rings, earrings and bracelets delicately caress the body while superior stone quality and master craftsmanship perfect the form of these breathtaking sea guardians.

Brilliant white shield cut diamonds and blue topaz crowns, hover over a yellow or white 18k gold spine, that elegantly embraces the anatomy of these magnificent sea creatures 

Animalia is radiantly nocturnal, brilliantly fantastic during daylight, shining light on what comes between women and their skin.